This is Hannah One of our Beloved Girls

Carries the Black Gene
Our Little Juliet so Compact and Adorable

She is a Blue and Chocolate Carrier
out of Blackgold's Rocky

Sooo Sweet!!

(AKA) "Gassie" new to our Family
Sweet Little Zoie also Very Compact


carries the Blue Gene

out of Blackgold's Rocky


Sired by our Paco

"say Cheeez"

                                     OUR STUDS  

                                 * SERVICE AVAILABLE*
Romeo: Ready for Stud Service

He is Extremly Short and Stocky:

 Carries Blue and a Chocolate Gene

He is the Son of Black Gold's Viper
Future Stud " Chewbacca" (Chewy)

Sired by our Fabulous Romeo and Grand Son
 of our Magnificent Paco Rabanne

" How could you go wrong with this Guy "
Gotta keep Him

 Kronk: our Black and White Stud

 Son of Cowboy From Cowboys Bulldogs
In Loving Memory of our Gorgeous Boy Paco Rabanne

Rest In Peace My Baby  : (

                      ( : SOME OF OUR FAVORITES : )

 "Sun Time"

Pepp'e and Charlotte 'Just Chillin'

"Angel Faces"

Our Little Girl with Her Favorite Little Girl

Bad to the Bone
George Thorogood (The Baddest of George Thorogood and the Destroyers)

Mommy Daddy can We Keep it !!!??

"Kiss Me Baby"