* Puppy Guarantee *
Seller guarantees puppy will be free of life-threatening genetic conditions,

immunized and de-wormed accordingly. Buyer is advised to have puppy

examined by a competent veterinarian within 48 hours from the time of


If the veterinarian does not find the dog to be in good health as outlined in

this guarantee and states so in writing, Buyer must notify the Seller

immediately. Seller reserves the right to have the dog re-examined by our

veterinarian at our cost. If any such life-threatening condition is found and

proven in writing from a licensed veterinarian and substantiated by lab tests

and/or x-rays, and confirmed by Sellers veterinarian, puppy may be returned

to Seller within 48 hours for a full refund on the cost of the puppy or credit on another puppy. Buyer is responsible for vet bills incurred

prior to return, and transportation costs to return. Minor, breed related,

treatable or correctable conditions, or any condition that may go away or is

considered to be a condition which a puppy will likely outgrow, are not


Although a concerted effort is made by Seller to breed sound healthy puppies,

Buyer should understand that due to the nature of the breed, Bulldogs are

predisposed to certain medical anomalies, and that a normal Bulldog may have

one or more of these conditions during its lifetime. The Buyer is urged to

research the breed and be familiar with all the health issues that could affect

their Bulldog before entering into this or any agreement to purchase a Bulldog.

Buyer agrees to provide good care and a loving environment for this dog.

Buyer should also be aware that a Bulldog can overheat quickly and easily, and

may die as a result of heatstroke. Therefore, Bulldogs must primarily be

housed indoors.

Our dogs are warranted as outlined herein. It is further understood and agreed

that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to above-

described puppy except as set forth in writing in this agreement.

Q) What is the price of shipping a pup?
A) Shipping is $250.00 and up, based on your location.

Q) How may I pay for my puppy?
A) We accept a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. I accept cash and PayPal only.

Q) What is included with the puppy?
A) All puppies leave with their first set of vaccinations and physical and de-wormed, they will have their own personal folders with documentation.

Q) How old must my puppy be before I can pick it up?
A) Puppies can not be picked up or shipped until they are at least 7 to 8 weeks old.

Q) What are the prices on your Bulldog puppies?
A) Our puppies start at $1800.00 and go up according to litter, sire, and colors.

                                             PLEASE SIGN

Please read over this contract very carefully and make sure that you

understand what it says. If there is something you do not understand then

please give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have.  We will

not sell our puppies to anyone that we feel will not provide a healthy

environment to live in.

Puppies will come with a record of all vaccines given and dates.

There is no charge to pick your puppy up at our residence.

We only accept the following form of payments:

1) PayPal

2) Cash

3) Ceritfied Check

Puppy will not be shipped to you until we have received payment in full.

We charge a $500 deposit for every puppy. We accept all deposits by any of

the above payment methods. Your deposit is non-refundable We will let you

choose another puppy of the same price as the one you placed a deposit on if

it passes away before any of the remaining balance is paid on the puppy. If you

pay your deposit and do not see another puppy you want to replace your

original choice then you may wait for a new litter or forfeit your deposit. If you

change your mind and do not want any puppy from us after placing a deposit

you loose the deposit.

We DO NOT  guarantee the puppy for the

following health problems which are

common in this breed:

Elongated Soft Palate, Small Trachea ,Dermatitis ,Skin or Food Allergies,

Ringworm, Demodectic Mange, Eyelid Problems or Cherry Eye, Hip

Dysplasia,Heart Problems, and Extreme Heat Intolerance,narrow nares(small) nares

 To breed or reproduce a liter. Some of these Health Issues are congenital or hereditary and are in all

bloodlines, regardless of the parent’s good health.

                             PLEASE SIGN